EcoPortfolios allow you to invest with your values

EcoPortfoliosDo you already make choices in other areas of your life that reflect your values surrounding the environment and sustainability? Sustainable living embodies a way of life that attempts to reduce the impact that society has on the environment. You may already make life choices in other areas of your life that reduce your ecological “footprint”, but are unsure of how to do this with your investment portfolio. EcoPortfolios is an investment philosophy that allows you to invest with your values.

Professionally managed, the EcoPortfolios offering is suitable for retirement portfolios, small business/corporate investment accounts, trusts and foundations, endowment funds and charitable organizations.

We all make choices every day that reflect our values. Given the proper information and high quality alternative choices, many people choose to be eco-friendly in their selection of products and services if they are affordable and convenient. If you already make choices daily to reduce your impact on our ecosystems, why not do the same with your investments?